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Adirondack Chair #700

Relax and enjoy the outdoor fun in our Adirondack Chair made by hand. At home, on the gallery, grass or patio, you just have to sit in that chair once to appreciate its quality.

Ergonomic design, with thin slats rounded at each ends of the seat; The "S" shaped seats will follow the contour of your body. A concave back, with six slats, leaves a space rather than wood under your shoulder blades.

Our chairs have wide armrests on which you can also put down your beverages. The front of the seat is curved which prevents numbness in your feet because of the pressure behind your knees.

The low declination of the backrest facilitates entry and exit from the chair. See also the Ottoman # 703. Nice finish.

Comes pre-assembled, easy assembly, with assembly plan.

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#700 Adirondack Chair



In Box

Pounds (lbs)



28 x 36 x 34

22 x 37½ x 9

Kilograms (kg)



71 x 92 x 87

56 x 96 x 23